Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Elaborating Conjunction: Clarification

Halliday & Matthiessen (2014: 616):
Here the elaborated element is not simply restated but reinstated, summarised, made more precise or in some other way clarified for purposes of the discourse. There are seven subtypes (corrective, distractive, dismissive, particularising, resumptive, summative, verifactive), realised by different sets of conjunctions; they are set out in Table 9-6, and illustrated below:
Calculations by Anderson show that ozone depletion at the 410- and 420-K isentropic surfaces between August 23 and September 22 can be almost entirely explained by the amount of ClO present if one assumes that the ClO-ClO mechanism is effective. At the 360-K surface, the calculated ozone loss is somewhat less than the observed loss. At least we can say that above about the 400-K level, there does seem to be enough ClO to explain the observed ozone loss. [corrective] 
Customer: What’s pepperoni? – Operator: Pepperoni? It’s a round, it’s a pork product. – Customer: Is it? Oh okay. No I don’t want that. Anyway, um – can I have one of them? I’ll pay the two dollar extra: the – what do you call it? the seafood.[dismissive] 
Interviewer: You grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, went to Vassar as an undergraduate, and then came back to Iowa for your graduate work. – Smiley: Actually, there was a year in there where after I finished Vassar I went to Europe with my then husband and we hitchhiked around, wondering what to do. [verifactive]