Friday, 8 May 2020

Extending Conjunction: The Three Types Of Variation Exemplified

Halliday & Matthiessen (2014: 617):
(i) replacive:
||| Assad, a career air force officer [[ who took power in a bloodless coup in 1970]] , has been grooming Bashar for future leadership, || but the British-educated ophthalmologist has held no major political office. ||| Instead, Bashar has been going abroad as his father’s special envoy. |||
(ii) subtractive:
||| Naturally though, it has to be within walking distance of Mayfair, || but, apart from that, an attic with only a shower and a gas ring will suffice. |||
(iii) alternative:
||| If there’s still time, || you may wish to round off the day with a visit to Fort Denison [[ conducted by the Maritime Services Board]] . ||| Tours leave from Circular Quay at 10.15am, 12.15am and 2.00pm Tuesday to Sunday, || although you will certainly need to book in advance || by ringing Captain Cook Cruises on 2515007. ||| Alternatively, if you’ve had enough of colonial relics, || a Captain Cook Cruise can be booked on the same number. |||