Monday, 13 August 2018

Relating Circumstance Types To Process (& Logical) Types

Halliday & Matthiessen (2014: 312, 314):
We could illustrate the principles as follows:
(a) relational: circumstantial Jack was building a house ...
1. when? (‘it was during’) throughout the year Extent: duration
2. where? (‘it was at’) near the river Location: place
3. how? (‘it was by’) out of brick Manner: means
4. why? (‘it was for’) for his retirement Cause: purpose
5. under what conditions? despite his illness Contingency: concession
(b) relational: possessive Jack was building a house ...
6. who with? (‘he had’) with his daughters Accompaniment: comitation
(c) relational: intensive Jack was building a house ...
7. what as? (‘it was’) as a vacation home Rôle: guise 
The other two, Matter and Angle, can be related to verbal processes:
(d) verbal: Verbiage Jack told his friends
8. what about? (‘said ...’) about the sale Matter
(e) verbal: Sayer the price was good
9. says who? (‘... said’) according to Jack Angle: source